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Playing Democracy – Christian Rakow about the New Game-Theatre and its political relevance (11/2013)

The Social Pressure of Conformity – Jacob Appelbaum's opening speech for Theater der Welt 2014 (5/2014)

Debate about the Future of Germany's City Theatres XVII – We must hold on to our old texts by letting them go, says Alexander Kerlin, Dramaturg at Theatre Dortmund (10/2014)

The Change Actor in the Digital Age – Nishant Shah looks beyond the Spectacle Imperative of the Social Web (9/2015)



Crisis, what crisis? – a debate on theatre criticism and its crisis in the UK (10/2013)

Avantgarde Food for a Starving Audience – the Lyric Hammersmith's "Secret Theatre", Andrew Haydon from London (3/2014)

Political Theatre in Russia in the Year 2014 (7/2014)

German Playwright Marianna Salzmann reports on occupied Teatro Valle in Rome (8/2014)

Marianna Salzmann's postscript to her report on occupied Teatro Valle in Rome (8/2014)

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 (8/2014)

Belarus Free Theatre's "Staging A Revolution"-Festival in London (11/2015)

How Polish theatre is affected by the PiS-government's rightwing populism (2/2016)

Greece in the mirror – a statement about the situation of culture-makers in Greece, arising from the problems that occurred around the Athens Festival 2016 / by Lena Kitsopolou (4/2016)

- Theaterbrief Istanbul (2) - Turkish theatre in the view of the present situation